Our dentist office uses dental technology to make our services efficient and comfortable for our patients in New Minas.

Dental Technology, New Minas Dentist

Digital X-Rays

The technology of digital X-rays gives us a picture of your mouth and enables us to enlarge areas if needed. 

Are digital X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays produce low amounts of radiation. The team at will always take every precaution to ensure you are exposed to the least amount of radiation possible, and will use a lead apron when taking X-rays.

Why are dental X-rays necessary?

Dentists rely on x-rays to view things in your mouth that we cannot see during a visual examination.

Through X-rays we are able to detect problems such as tooth decay, damage to the bones which support the teeth, and dental injuries, like broken tooth roots, problems below the gum line, cysts, abscesses, tumors, impacted teeth.

Digital Impressions

We are able to take digital impressions of your teeth for Invisalign treatment.

Instead of the traditional impression putty, we will use a computer to scan and create a detailed version of your smile. We then use this technology to create your Invisalign aligners.

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