Root Canal Therapy & Extractions

We offer root canals and extractions for patients living in New Minas and surrounding communities. Our goal is to do what we can to save the integrity of your natural teeth, but offer extraction services when necessary.

Root Canal Therapy

What is a root canal?

In the centre of each tooth in our mouth is dental pulp, which supplies our tooth with nutrients and nerves. If something happens to that dental pulp — it is injured, infected, or is damaged in some other way — then the nerve within the pulp may die, eventually causing the tooth to die.

When is a root canal recommended?

Your dentist will recommend root canal therapy as a way to save a tooth that has been damaged or developed decay in the dental pulp and nerve.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Many times when dentists talk about extractions, they’re referring to impacted wisdom teeth, which can cause discomfort, inflammation, infection, and even decay as they come into the mouth and push against other teeth.

In cases like this — or in more extreme cases, where cysts develop around the wisdom teeth and jeopardize the health of the jaw bone — extraction will be the only viable option.

Other Extractions

But when it comes to teeth other than your wisdom teeth, performing a tooth extraction is something that New Minas Dental Centre would consider only after doing everything else possible to save the tooth, including root canal therapy.

If the tooth has been traumatized, is badly decaying, or there is excessive loss of bone around the tooth due to periodontal disease and the tooth is very mobile, then the dentist may seriously consider removing the tooth to preserve the health of the teeth surrounding it, as well as your entire mouth.

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